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How to assume that someone is a good web developer ?

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How to assume that someone is a good web developer ?

We’ve enlisted some common qualities that identify one as a skilled web developer. Keep reading and be sure to keep these facts in mind next time hiring a web developer.

  1. Solution-oriented: He should be the friend you’ll ask for advice. If something is wrong, he’ll find a way to make it right. He’ll love solving problems, even if it’s a multi-step process. 
  2. Understanding: The developer should listen to people and appreciate their point of view, communicate with client and implement both client and user perspectives.  
  3. Resourceful: Efficient shortcuts exist for web developers, too. The developer may take the time to thoughtfully make a plan up front instead of just dumping time and energy into it without any smart planning. If he can identify a technique to save time, he’s all for it. 
  4. Patient: Even if the solution of a web development issue is known, there are likely many steps required to actually execute the solution. The web developer must be extremely patient and persevering, especially when a project ends up needing more steps or research than they originally expected. 
  5. Adapting: looking for ways to breathe new life into projects, love progressing and modifying, in his mind, there is no such thing as perfection-everything is a work in progress.
  6. Passionate: He should enjoy taking on projects that are meaningful, work hard to create every single portion of the whole project. Also, have a mindset to admire the work of others, praising their strengths but noticing their shortcomings.

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