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Shouldn’t you be worrying about your network security ?

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Shouldn’t you be worrying about your network security ?

In this age of information, businesses are digitalized and they should be. There are many devices connected with each other over wired, wireless, or cellular networks. This is where network security comes into play.

Network attacks can be defined as unauthorized actions on the digital assets within an organizational network. It can be active attacks or passive attacks.

  • Active attack: The attacker attempts to make changes to data. Here the attacker usually alters the data. Often, victims can immediately detect that their data has been compromised.
  • Passive attack: The attacker can access the data and use it for malicious purposes. They are often not easily detected by the users.

No matter what type of attack it may be, the threat it brings cannot be ignored.

Network security is the prevention of these unauthorized actions and misuse. The key roles it plays are:

  • Helping businesses and organizations to function without hindrance.
  • Enabling safe and secure IT operations.
  • Protecting the data.

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