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What is social media advertisement ?

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What is social media advertisement ?

Social media advertising is a digital marketing strategy to run paid advertisements on social media platforms. From increasing brand awareness to engaging with a higher conversion rate, advertising is worth the investment. One of the biggest benefits of a paid advertising campaign on social media is that it lets you reach a much larger audience. In addition, it helps to earn more sales. Social media ad platforms let you target just about anyone you could want providing you with necessary information about such as : 

  • User’s general demographics such as age, gender, language, and location.
  • User’s preferences and behaviors.
  • User’s emails, phone numbers, and friend circles.

Types of Ads You Can Run

According to social media marketing experts, ads have two major categories: 

Video ads & Static image ads 

You can run these ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat

Tips for Better Advertising
  • Know your audience
  • Choose a paid advertising campaign goal
  • Pick the right social media platforms
  • Mix social media ads with content

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