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Why is facebook the best platform for your online marketing?

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Why is facebook the best platform for your online marketing?

Although it’s already known by all that Facebook is a great marketing platform, let’s see in detail why so. 

Most popular social network 

With over 1.4 billion users and over 900 million of those users visiting the site every day, Facebook is undoubtedly the 800-pound gorilla of social media.

Users of all demographics 

No matter who your target audience is, you can find them on Facebook. 


Users spend 40 minutes per day on Facebook, on average. More time on Facebook means more time spent interacting with your business’s presence there. 

Faster growth 

Facebook continues to grow more and more users with each passing year. It dominates the platform of social media. This gives you the biggest range of potential customer

Affordable advertising 

The average Facebook ad costs just $5.99 per thousand impressions and you get to set and control your own budget as well 

Targeted market niche  

It offers to target your audience by location, age, gender, interests, etc.

Easy to reach out to website customers 

By using the Re-targeting option your ads will be shown only to people who have previously visited your business website.

Spreading by word of mouth 

Along with your target customers,  their Facebook Friends see your Facebook posts or ads as well. This multiplies the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing.

Instant results  

It lets you measure the ROI yourself by using the free Facebook Insights tool and gives you detailed information about how customers are engaging with your business on Facebook.

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